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Freeplane is a Mind Mapping application to represent ideas, projects, work, etc
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Freeplane is a Mind Mapping application to represent ideas, work, brain storming, projects, or simply to clarify any idea in the mind.
It's a very useful tool for project management purposes. This mind mapping tool is easy to set it up and no extra programs or libraries are needed. It provides an easy and friendly GUI with the capability of adding nodes, child nodes and sibling nodes. These nodes represent branches or a part of the main idea. And each branch also can be subdivided into a set or new branches that conforms that part of the idea or sub idea too. Attributes can be inserted into nodes; these attributes can be shared with other nodes. Also each node can be formatted to provide color clouds, fonts, blink, node color, edge shapes and styles, among others.

Its GUI is a single window divided in two frames: the upper frame is used to create or edit mind maps; the below frame shows the layout and the HTML code views. Their menus and hot keys are really easy to use. Besides, it offers a good documentation and help sections.

It also provides the export option to convert the mind map to any of several formats allowed as JPEG, PNG, XHTML, PDF, SVG, Open Office Writer, Java, Flash among others. Also a selected branch can be saved as a new mind map. Their Calendar and Time Scheduler List provides time management for any of the mind maps performed.

Freeplane runs in Windows/Sun/OS Mac/Linux platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • It’s a great mind mapping tool.
  • It provides tools to perform project management tasks such as their Calendar and Time Scheduler List.
  • It offers a nice GUI to handle nodes and all the necessary indications to create great mind maps


  • I haven't found any during its review
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